Lightweight metals

our focus

We have great passion for lightweight metals.   We embrace their potential to reduce our dependence on energy and improve productivity.  

Underpinning much of our work has been the development of a process to use GMAW (MIG welding) to join titanium using standard torches.  Over the last 15 years, we have built many titanium-based structures using our process, which we continue to refine.

We have also developed strategies for light-weighting vehicles using titanium for several of our customers.

Our work led us to seek a way to reduce the price of titanium.  The result was the founding of American Titanium Works LLC (ATW), which is in the process of seeking funding.  

Please click on the images in the gallery for a description of some of our titanium projects.

This video displays an example of the the channels of data we acquired to refine our MIG titanium welding process.  Data was stored in DataTurbine format and displayed using the rbnbPlot application: voltage, current, audio signal, and high speed photo capture of molten titanium droplets emitted from a titanium wire electrode impinging on the weld pool during GMAW.

Critical to the development was controlling the droplet formation at the electrode.  We correlated the droplet formation to several parameters to develop control strategies.