Data Streaming

Our focus

Data acquisition, distribution and hardware/software interfaces (including the integration of custom software and electronics) are fundamental technologies developed by and used in many projects at Erigo.

We have led or participated in numerous SBIR and other projects for our customers to develop and apply DataTurbine and CloudTurbine open source data sharing technologies. These powerful tools facilitate the rapid storage, distribution, and synchronized access to time-oriented data channels.  Users can simultaneously access real-time and playback data. Any type of data can be handled and the data can be acquired simultaneously from hundreds of sources/channels.

CloudTurbine supports data sharing using built-in protocols (HTTPS and SFTP) or by leveraging any third-party file sharing service. DataTurbine and CloudTurbine are covered by the permissive Apache 2.0 license, which supports proprietary commercial applications.

We have used these unique software packages to support in-house projects, from titanium welding and cable research to battery development. 

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how we could help integrate data streaming or develop custom software or hardware for your project or system.

Please click on the images in the gallery for a description of some of our data streaming-related projects.

CloudTurbine (CT) is an open source data sharing technology. Erigo participated in NASA SBIR projects to collaborate on CT development. This video highlights two examples of our use of CloudTurbine. First, Erigo is conducting research to develop a titanium cable for the Navy. CloudTurbine allows us to remotely monitor load, temperature and other data for these tests. Second, CTtraveler is a CloudTurbine-enabled application which demonstrates enhanced visualization for a NASA autonomous vehicle project. The video shows data from CTtraveler in mouse-driven demonstration mode visualized in the Unity 3D-based CTrollaball mixed-reality framework developed by Matt Miller at Cycronix.