Battery development

Our focus

Erigo is a leading provider of battery technology research & development services. Over the last 15 years, we have worked on a wide range of battery types for our customers including reserve, flow, and secondary batteries.  Markets span from grid storage to advanced military applications. Our customers range from startups to established battery manufacturers. 

Our focus is on the bottom line. We have dramatically improved electrochemical performance, established supply chains for critical materials, developed novel quality control technologies, and improved production capabilities for our customers.

Along the way, we created the best in class multi-physics battery modeling tool,  invented a novel XRF-based battery QA system, and developed key insights into what is limiting the duration and performance of flow batteries.

We have worked on molten salt, vanadium redox, lithium oxyhalide, silver zinc, zinc bromine, and rechargeable lithium batteries.

Our breadth of knowledge allows us to quickly come up to speed on new chemistries and production issues.

Click on the images in the gallery for a brief description of some of our battery projects.


Our customers often ask …

For each chemistry on which we work, we only work with one customer at a time.  We understand that the battery market is very competitive and if we are to make a difference to our customer, we must have access to very proprietary data.  As such, we will not work with a direct competitor of our customers.  

If our customer paid for the work that resulted in generated IP, then our customer owns the IP.  We have filed several patents over the last 15 years that were assigned to our customers based on work that we performed on their behalf.