about Erigo

Established in 2005

Erigo Technologies LLC is an entrepreneurial firm of highly experienced engineers and skilled business professionals that takes innovative technologies to the marketplace.

Our founders are preeminent research scientists and engineers who developed their expertise working for government and private industry clientele, and are broadly experienced in research, development, project management, and commercializing applied technology.

Our firm is engaged with U.S. government departments and agencies, researchers, startups, venture capitalists and private-equity firms to bring disruptive technologies to the market. We bridge the divide between initial discovery and market delivery, providing the structure and expertise necessary to shepherd the transition.

Located in the Upper Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire, we are strategically positioned within a hotbed of flourishing high technology companies. Major employers include the renowned Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, the prestigious U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab (CRREL), and Dartmouth College. We take full advantage of our location to enhance both our professional and personal lives.


We work with nascent ideas and technologies and nurture them with technical and business acumen to create products and businesses that positively impact society.


We solve tough technological problems through product development consulting and the formation of product companies.



Nabil Elkouh


Nabil has over 20 years of experience in technical program management and business development. He holds over 10 patents and co-founded Erigo. Nabil received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University, MS from UC Berkeley, and BS from Marquette University.

Marc Kenton

Vp of Engineering

Marc is a leading consultant in the battery and nuclear energy industries. He has 40 years of experience working with clients to solve their toughest problems and co-founded Erigo. Marc received his PhD in nuclear science and engineering from Cornell University where he also received an AB in physics. He received an MPhil and an MS in physics from Yale.

John Wilson

Senior Engineer

John has over 20 years of research and development experience including the design of complex integrated software systems and hardware/software interfaces. He received his MS in electrical engineering and BS in physics from the University of New Hampshire.

chris eaton

lead technician

Chris leads our laboratory prototyping work. He fabricates all mechanical and electrical facilities for our projects and works with outside contractors to fabricate parts that we cannot make in house.  Chris has over 25 years of experience. Chris is also a licensed aircraft maintenance technician and had been the Director of Maintenance for two Cessna Service Centers before joining Erigo to enjoy a greater variety of challenges.