Erigo Technologies LLC

a small company solving big problems in batteries, lightweight metals & data streaming

from 2005 to 2021 … thank you to our clients for 16 years of support!  erigo is permanently closed

Titanium Gas Metal Arc Welding in Air

You are looking at high speed photography of molten titanium welding droplets falling into a titanium weld pool during MIG welding in air. You will find more information about our developments related to titanium welding and data streaming throughout our website. 

We are focused on three services areas: lightweight metals, batteries, and data streaming. We fully understand the process of starting with an idea and taking it to market. And, we are always game for entering new areas, given the breadth of our collective backgrounds. 

We provide a wide variety of technical capabilities that includes process design and development, prototype fabrication, physics-based modeling and software development, advanced data acquisition innovations, and electronics design and assembly.  

Erigo has made a difference to our customers over the last 15 years. We have dramatically improved the efficiency of many different battery chemistries, established supply chains for materials back to the source, developed titanium applications that have the potential to expand titanium’s market, and enabled cost effective rapid data acquisition and streaming.

We always have our eye on production costs, market readiness, and value for our customers.  We are here to partner with you to help drive your developments to a successful market debut and beyond.